Nominate A Social Entrepreneur

‘Nominate A Social Entrepreneur’ is an opportunity for you to help social entrepreneurs you know to grow their venture. If you know of a social enterprise that is committed to creating impact and has the potential to do a lot more then fill up the given form below. The venture should fulfill the eligibility criteria for participation given here. We would then contact this enterprise and invite them to our challenge.

Your contribution will be duly recognized on our website if your nominee becomes a semi-finalist.  Who knows, tomorrow, your nomination could lead us all to India’s next biggest social enterprise!


STEP 1: You fill up the form given below with the details of the social enterprise. We send an invite to the nominated enterprise to participate in the challenge.

STEP 2: Your nominee fills up the registration form for the challenge mentioning your name in the registration form.

STEP 3: If your nominee gets shortlisted for the semi-finals your contribution will be given recognition on our website.

Terms and Conditions: 1) The nomination will be recognized only if the nominee fills up the nominators “name/email” in the application form. 2) People are allowed to nominate more than one social enterprise. 3) All decisions taken by the organizing committee would be final and binding.